Marmaris – Global Sailing

End of August it was time to fly again to Sagarena. Only Maciej was planned to come with me for 1 1/2 weeks.
On the first Day we have taken Sagarena out of the water and start to deinstall all in line to the shaft. We finished to deinstall Transmission, Damperplate, Shaft and Propeller.
We had time for Swimming Pool Sessions and very nice dinner every Evening. We just had to wait for the new Adapter Plate, then cutting the shaft to the new length. Unfortunately during installation of the Transmission, the Volant Housing has been broken. Ömer perfekt like always … was welding the Aluminum Cast Housing.
The new Propeller required a new Nut with a Security Screw. Unfortunately one hours before launching Sagarena, to fix the Shaft with the Bullflex Coupling a Screw has broken, Hasan's Crew made it, 4 new Screws. The Speedtest with the new Setup was surprising. In the Bozburun Yacht Club Maciej was staying in Eddies Hotel. The really great expirience was to Sail with to big Trimaran of Eddie.

After a stormy crossing, the Pre Dieselfilter was very dirty so I had to connected the forward and return Dieseltube to a Canister. In Kairo Marina I was pumping out about 90l of dirty Diesel. To clean the Main Dieseltank, I was 2 times using the pressure wash followed by a Water Vacuum Cleaner. But at 23:00 the strong Wind was blowing the Vacuum Cleaner in to the sea, I just caught it, but it pulled me in to the water, fell head over into the water, between the Wall and Yacht.
Next day the Dieseltank Truck has filled up again fresh Diesel (300l)
After 120nm solo sailing, I arrived very happy to Global Sailing.
Sagarena and me felt home again.

Bye, bye see you in Dez.
last Morning
... good bye 🙁
Isak + Hasan last Dinner
last Everning
Party with Hasan
Party Time
wonderful Fish Rest
because of storm in Marmaris
Car Rallye
Cleopatra Sunset
Cleopatra Sunset
Car Rallye in the Natur
Father and Son
at two Buoys
Pick up to Restaurant
Breakfast in Kairo Marina
famous Mountain
all alone in Kairo Marina
90l dirty Diesel
Clean Dieseltank 590l
Pump out Dieseltank
forward and return Dieseltube to a Canister
dirty Pre-Filter
Knidos historically
bye bye Maciek
perfect Bomonti
Bozburun jetty
Race Trimaran
Yacht Dog
Cool steering
great Mainsail
10kn of speed
what for a Picture
Super Breakfast
Focus on Bier?
Focus on ...?
Focus on Maciej ?
Focus on Maciej?
Bozburun Yacht Club
Historic Yacht with Eddie
Historic Yacht with Eddie
alone on the Jetty
just jump in ...
new Fender System
Sailing ...
all Sails up
lets go ...
cooles Rest.
speed Test
new Transmission and Shaft
new Propeller
back to Water
Ready to swimm?
new Shaft+Propeller
new Shaft+Propeller
Prop Security
Propeller 22" x 14"
old Prop with bad Antifouling
new Inox Dublex Shaft
welded Aluminum Cast
not easy to weld
Volant Housing broken
Why so much cap?
new Motor Socket Adapter
no good adhesion
no good adhesion
brocken Damperplate
new Damperplate
Bearing extraction Device
move of Rudder
only very little vegetation
after 3 month in Nestel Marina
Reve Burger
old District
Bono Bar
Party Mile
Nice Dinner
only for 2 Person
Fresh Orange Juice
Pita and Salat
Pool Netsel marina
first Dinner
new location of Sagarena

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